Marcel Gaumond, Ph. D.


Marcel Gaumond is a Jungian Analyst in a private practice located in Quebec city. He got his diploma in Analytical Psychology (1977) at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich. He has been the president of the Association of the Jungian Psychoanalysts of Quebec during ten years (1989-1999). Co-founder of this association, he has been also the co-founder of the Quebec School of Eutony-Gerda-Alexander. Before doing his studies in Analytical Psychology and his doctorate in Psychopedagogy at Laval University, he has been working successively as a teacher, a social worker and a professional in charge of a service of counselling for students and teachers, at the Ste-Foy College.

Since he got a complement of training at San Francisco, this time in a neo-freudian approach, Marcel Gaumond is mostly interested by all the issues related to the so called " psychotherapeutic frame ". His actual research has to do with what could contribute to the reconciliation between the freudian and the jungian paradigms.

Fields of interest

Cinema and psychoanalysis; Feminine mediation between Freud and Jung; Ethnology and psychoanalysis; Teaching’s archetypal source; Ecology and psychology.


1296 Maguire
Sillery QC G1T 1Z3

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Past Presentations


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Workshops: (1 evening/week, from 5 to 10 weeks)

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